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By semester end Harmony began to develop a voice for their ideas. And they found they not only liked but was quite good at copywriting. I began looking forward to their weekly presentations as they were not only well-ground and thought out but there was always something that made their work different than the other students’ in class. 

— Peter Seronik, Creative Concepts in Storytelling Professor

I learned early-on that using the right words could get me ice cream. Now I use words so people will buy ice cream from the brands I work for.
A little about me: 
Name: Harmony
Pronouns: They/Them
Likes: Animals (Vermont born and farm raised), reading, doing art, skateboarding, listening to music, Oxford Commas, and ice cream. 
Dislikes: My lactose intolerance
Harmony Taggart Resume

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Phone: 802-377-8766


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